Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cool, Calm & Collected: Tips for a Stylish Bathroom

Your bathroom can easily turn into a cluttered mess full of products and clashing labels if you aren't careful. Assuming that you aren't ready to tackle that hideous 70's tile just yet, there are still many ways to improve the space simply by paying attention to details, presentation, and accessories.

First off, you want to be selective about what you have on display. More often than not, products come in unappealing or bright packaging. Instead, use glass jars and bowls to store items used on a daily basis such as Qtips.

If you don't have a built-in medicine cabinet simply buy one and mount it on your wall. This is the easiest way to hide clutter and keep products easily accessible.

Stick with one metal finish for all your fixtures, and incorporate this through to smaller accessories such as toothbrush holders, cups, and trash bins.

Matching towels in light tones and simple cotton rugs are always a sure winner.
Toilet lid cozies are a big no-no.

I love to use antique saucers and small trays to display nice soaps, hold rings, and organize perfumes.

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