Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Word on Window Treatments

It's about time I threw out some basic guidelines for window treatments. This one area seems to baffle a lot of people. Maybe because there are SO many options! Flat fold roman shade, classic roman shade, pinch pleat, Parisian pleats, grommets...the list is seemingly endless. I'll keep it simple with a few pointers:

1. Drapery panels should fall within an inch or two of the floor.
(Not 3 feet above it)

2. Window treatments should serve their function. If you need to block out light use a blackout shade. If you want light and privacy then use sheer drapes.

3. Mini-blinds are an eyesore. If you rent and can't trash them then pull them all the way to the top position (hidden) and buy drapery panels to soften the space.

4. Inside mount shades are best for generous windows and to show off nice moldings. Outside mount shades can create the illusion of larger windows and hide ugly or puny moldings.

5. Frilly tassels and drapey valances should stay in the last century.

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