Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Get the Good Glow

Ready for a more relaxing and cozy home? Making good lighting choices is the easiest way to improve the feel of your space. Ever been to a restaurant that had delicious food but you couldn’t wait to get out? Fluorescent lighting, harsh direct light and overly bright spaces don’t make you want to linger. The same principle applies to our homes. The goal is to create a space that you love to spend time in. Read on for some key lighting basics to get you started on creating your new relaxing space.

Provide multiple light sources of varying types per room. Start with two table or floor lamps for ambient light, and add task lighting for reading or working as needed. This also allows for the use of lower watt bulbs since you are not relying on one bright overhead fixture to illuminate an entire room.

Use a dimmer. If your lamps don’t have a 3 way switch built-in (which requires a 3 way bulb to function) then buy a dimmer at your local hardware store. It’s an easy install and will only set you back $15-20.

Use 40 – 60 watt soft white incandescent bulbs for a cozy, pleasing light. Reserve compact fluorescents for hallways, laundry rooms and other utilitarian spaces. If you are determined to use compact fluorescents throughout your home try the n:vision TCP Home Soft White bulbs, they come highly rated for warmer light output.

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