Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Decorating Ideas That Won't Make You Sick!

Anyone else tired of the fake cobwebs and cheesy Halloween decor? Well, it turns out there are some spiffy ways to decorate for the Fall and/or Halloween. Having just taken on a project to decorate a nightclub for Halloween we had to push the envelope and come up with some new ideas that did not include scarecrows and haunted houses. Instead, we went with a creepy pumpkin patch theme using thorny branches, crows, and white pumpkin pendants to create an eerie effect without being too literal.

This was taken during the install but you get the idea. We adhered black contact paper to the concrete pillars to create the effect of branches wrapping around. This ties in with the real branches (which are spray painted black) that are coming down from the ceiling.

Ditch the fake cobwebs and plastic spiders and grab some inspiration from nature this year!

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dizzy miss lizzy said...

Miss Jen Jones!
I am so happy and pleasantly surprised to see how well your business is going! I had no idea that my cousin was such a big playa in the "buiz". Kudos and love,